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Product Code : OBP 061

Generic Name : Testosterone Gel

Brand Name : Testosterone

Delivery Days :10-12 WORKING DAY'S

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CERNOS GEL1% you can purchase conventional androgel (cernos gel) with delivery to USA, UK, everywhere throughout the world and from India at modest costs through our site 


Conventional Name : Testosterone 

GelBrand Name :Testosterone 

TestosteroneDelivery Days :10-12 WORKIND DAY'S .


Cernos 1 % Gel helps in the development, advancement, and working of the male sexual organs and regular optional sexual qualities. This drug works by providing manufactured testosterone to supplant the testosterone that is typically delivered in the body. 

Cernos 1 % Gel is a normally happening sex hormone in people. This medication is utilized to treat conditions brought about by low degrees of testosterone hormone in the body. These conditions incorporate deferred pubescence, barrenness, and other hormonal awkward nature.