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Amebiasis is a disease in which a parasitic infection affects a person's intestine. Most of the time, this infection is mild. However, it can become dangerous if the infection goes to the person's brain, liver, lungs, etc. The cysts of this entamoeba can live for a month in soil or fifty minutes in human's fingernails. These cysts are very dangerous when transmitted inside the stomach. This condition is treatable with Anti-amoebic drugs as it kills the parasites inside the body and effectively eradicates intestinal and extraintestinal tissue infections.

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What Are The Common Causes Of The Disease?

Some common ways the parasite can enter the body are dirty hands, fecal-oral route, anal-oral contact, etc. Through these ways, E. histolytica can reach the large intestine of the stomach and live without causing symptoms. These amoebas invade the walls of the intestine, leading to amoebic dysentery, an illness that raises liver infection, lung infections, stomach pain, intestinal ulcers, bleeding, increased mucus production and diarrhea, etc. People who are most prone to this disease are those who:

  • Live in other countries with poor sanitation
  • Traveled to tropical located countries
  • Are from under-developed countries that have inadequate sanitary facilities
  • People who live in institutions like jail.
  • With poor immune systems and other health issues.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of The Disease?

The symptoms of Amebiasis are usually mild, and a person can suffer problems like:

  • Loose Feces 
  • Stomach Ache
  • Cramping
  • Fever

The severe stage of Amebiasis, which is Amebic dysentery, has serious symptoms like- blood in stools, fever, and sharp stomach pain. 

What Do Anti-Amoebic Medicines Treat?

For some individuals, Amebiasis is not a serious infection, but in a few cases, it can be fatal. Anyone afflicted with this parasite can easily heal because several therapies are available. Anti-amoebic drugs are a class of drugs used to treat Amebiasis in the body. After entering the body, they destroy the parasite and heal the injured tissue.

Some Types Of Anti-Amoebic Medicines Effective Against Amebiasis Are:

  • Metrogyl 200 MG, 400 MG
  • Seczole 1000 MG
  • Tiniba 300 MG 

Precautions Before Taking Anti-Amoebic Medicines

Amebiasis is a contagious disease that can spread by releasing new cysts into the environment through the poop of an infected person. To keep yourself safe from Amoebic infection, it is important to maintain hygiene in your surroundings. Following are the precaution a person should follow to ensure safety from Amebiasis:

  • Use only washed fruits and vegetables
  • You must drink bodied water to avoid any infection
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water
  • Avoid milk, unpasteurized dairy items, etc.

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