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Buy Anti Androgen Medicines/Pills Online USA | Anti Androgenic Drugs
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Buy Anti Androgen Medicines Online

Androgen plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of sexual characteristics in males. Because it directly affects men's fertility as well as women's skin and hair, androgen disorder develops into a dangerous illness for men. Because of the poor environment and stressful lifestyle, so many diseases are emerging that have a direct impact on the health of both men and women. As a form of hormone treatment, anti-androgen medicines can be used to treat prostate cancer. Usually, other hormone treatments are used in conjunction with these oral drugs.

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What Are Anti-Androgens Used For?

Anti-androgen drugs are used to treat hyperandrogenism's symptoms, such as the following skin and hair conditions:

  • Female pattern hair loss
  • Acne
  • Hirsutism
  • Seborrhoea
  • Hidradenitis suppurativa

Common Side Effects Of Anti-Androgen Medications?

The inhibition of testosterone is a major cause of many anti-androgen drug adverse effects. The negative consequences are comparable to those of hormone treatments or orchiectomies.

Common Side Effects Of The Anti-Androgen Medication Include:

  • Feeling tired
  • Rash, particularly with apalutamide 
  • Diarrhoea, particularly with flutamide
  • Breast growth and tenderness (gynecomastia)
  • Loss of bone density and higher risks of broken bones
  • Loss of muscle and lower stamina
  • Trouble concentrating and possible memory problems
  • Higher cholesterol levels
  • Weight gain
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Sexual side effects, including erectile dysfunction

How Do Anti-Androgens Work?

Anti-androgens mainly function by preventing testosterone and DHT from binding to androgen receptors. Since these male sex hormones frequently contribute to the stimulation of prostate cancer cells and the symptoms of other diseases, anti-androgens work to prevent their effects. Around 80 to 90 per cent of prostate cancers at the time of the initial diagnosis depend on androgens for growth, which promotes the proliferation of prostate cancer cells. Usually, this type of cancer is treated by preventing testosterone's effects.

Anti-androgen effects may also be seen with other medications. By preventing the generation of androgens, certain medications can lower testosterone levels. These medications can obstruct the enzyme required for androgen synthesis, directly reducing androgen levels. other medications

Precautions Before Taking Anti-Androgenic Drugs

  • Drugs and alcohol shouldn't be combined. It may even be fatal in extreme circumstances, causing cardiac arrest or stroke.
  • Do not crush or break the pill.
  • Despite the availability of over-the-counter painkillers, it is always advisable to speak with your doctor if you need to use them for longer than one or two days. It might cause serious issues that need to be addressed right away.
  • Before starting anti-androgen treatment, discuss any medical issues you may have with your doctor. Before using an anti-androgen, disclose to your doctor if you have ever had diabetes, liver illness, or lung disease.
  • Let your doctor know whether you're expecting or nursing. Anti-androgenic drugs could potentially harm an unborn child or pass into breast milk.

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